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Would You Trust a Bald Barber?

October 1, 2020

by Mike Couchman

Would you trust a bald barber? Here’s why you could. You might know that when someone gets chemotherapy to treat their cancer, losing hair is a possible side effect. You’ve probably seen some folks decide to get it over with all at once by shaving their heads.

Like this one guy I saw on a Tik Tok video. Not JUST him though. When his barber heard why he wanted to shave his head, the barber decided to join him. Wanted the guy with cancer to know he wouldn’t be alone in his battle.

So the barber spontaneously started shaving his own head in front of his customer. Before long, all the other barbers started doing the same thing! A barbershop full of baldies with big hearts. It was all caught on video. Last I checked it had about 4-million views.


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BTW, if you’re on Tik Tok, so is BOOST!

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