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Win Free Diet Coke For a Year

October 26, 2020

by Mike Couchman

Full disclosure: my motives for sharing this are selfish. While I’m technically sharing this with you so you can try to win it (if you want), what I am REALLY hoping will happen is that somebody will nominate ME!

Some people start their days with coffee or energy drinks or, perish the thought, water (!). I’m a Diet Coke fiend.

Now until November 16th, Diet Coke is doing this contest to win free soda from them for a year. Plus a mini-fridge!

I already have a mini-fridge in my office, so if I win because of your nomination, I’ll give you the new one that I’d win. Deal?

Would also love to grab a Diet Coke, or other beverage of your choice, with you some day! 🙂

Here’s that contest link…

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