Music Submissions

Want to submit music to BOOST?

It’s important to read all the information below.

We are committed to bringing only the highest quality Christian Hip Hop & rhythmic Christian Pop music to our listeners. Independent, local, and national artists are judged by the same guidelines.

BOOST receives dozens of new songs each week. It’s challenging just to listen to them all, let alone actually put them in rotation. The odds of us adding your music to our library are small. Radio play or not, God has a calling on your life and He has blessed you with talent. With that in mind, here’s information on how to submit your music for consideration.

– We cannot and will not accept payment for reviews or airplay of any kind. This practice is considered payola and is illegal.

– We do not review entire albums, only singled songs. This means, choose the one song you feel will fit our format the best for us to consider.

– We only accept submissions from somebody professionally representing an artist, or the artist themselves. In other words, we don’t review music from family/friends of the artist, well-meaning fans, etc. 

– Because of the high volume of music that comes in for review, we will NOT be able to contact you if we are not able to play your music submission, NOR can we provide you with a critique or feedback. We WILL contact you if your song will be added into rotation. If a song makes the format/technical/production/lyrical cut, it then goes up against all the other songs currently being considered for airplay on BOOST. (Usually a few dozen at any given moment. Of those dozens of songs, on a good week we might have room to add 1-3. Some weeks, not even that many.)

– A few of things you may like knowing about BOOST

  1. We listen to as much new music as we can, and would love to play every sincere artist out there. We feel bad when we cannot.
  2. We are a small staff that is doing some pretty amazing things by God’s grace. We are not able to return all calls or all mail/email, but if your song shows strong potential, we will work hard to connect with you.
  3. Local and independent artists are vying for the same airtime that national artists are, and there are more artists (national and local) than we can fit in. 
  4. Our responsibility is to our listeners. We attempt to always keep their listening habits in mind when making choices. We test music through focus groups, questionnaires, and calls/texts to our studios. Every week, thousands of fresh listener opinions shape every music choice we make.

One last thing:

We understand a lot of effort, prayer, and financial resources have gone into each submission. Even so, sometimes the recording or the writing or the performance just does not reach the high bar our audience sets for BOOST Radio. Most “new” artists you hear us play have actually been grinding away for years. For the high quality broadcasts BOOST Radio’s audience expects, entry-level music/artists have the hardest time making the cut. Radio spins can be a destination to work towards, but expecting airplay right out of the gate may not be the most effective way to grow in your calling. Please understand that if we do not play your song, it does not mean the Lord can’t use you. It just may be that your song is not the right fit for us at this time. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and may God Bless you as you serve Him.