Daily Boost

Grass Is Greener

I compare my grass to my neighbors…literally. I know it’s not right, but I do it daily. And I know what you’re thinking,… Read More

I dip, You dip, We dip

I’m rolling with God, and God’s rolling with me! Have you ever been roller skating and you were moments before a fall, and then out… Read More

Eviction Notice

What you do with anxiety is a choice! Just because it knocks on our door it doesn’t mean we have to answer it. Read More

Roger That

Roger that…over and out! These days it’s rare you can call a friend and they actually pick up. But God!… Read More


You’re all up in your feelings, huh?! I know when I’m feeling super emo (emotional) and lowkey weary, I don’t hide… Read More

Don’t Trip

Don’t even trip! Sometimes I clap back instead of letting an offense go, and I know I’m not the only one. But we… Read More

I Pity The Foo!

Have you ever started an argument with absolutely no intent to listen to another person, but only to say what’s on your mind?… Read More

Love The Way You Lie

Sometimes the lie sounds better than the truth! I’ve believed lies from the enemy that really made no sense and were meant to… Read More


Have you ever been praying on something, and then God interrupted your prayer and told you to forgive someone? I have. The Lord… Read More


Are you sentimental with sin? Have you ever reminisced about the old you? What you used to be doing, where you were, and… Read More


Oh, you think you’re killin’ huh?! It’s so funny when we think that we deserve props when we do the basics. Like showing… Read More