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“Love boost! This year Jesus and I began our relationship! It’s awesome knowing there is a station out here I can still listen to the good beats without listening to trash. It’s a blessing knowing that boost is here”

Antonio – Hillsboro, MO

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Your gift will double the number of souls BOOST can reach! Help us bring Pop, Hip Hop, and Hope to 2.2 million people.


The Movement

When you join the movement, St. Louis gets impacted in a HUGE way. It’s a movement to bring HOPE to our city. A movement to share Jesus’ love. A movement to make a difference in your community.

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100% Of your gift goes to Bringing more people the hope of Christ.

Your gift means 2.2 million people will hear pop, hip hop, and most importantly, the hope of Jesus.
Which means you can double the amount of people BOOST currently reaches!

BOOST The City

“BOOST gives us a reason to laugh and a reason to stop and think.”

I love the upbeat tunes, but I also love the songs that talk about real struggles we all feel and go through. You give out hope daily. BOOST gives us a reason to laugh and a reason to stop and think. But through it all the focus stays on our Almighty. Thank you for being there through it all for your listeners.

Melissa – Hillsboro, MO

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3 Ways boost is different

BOOST The City

On a typical day, more than 5,000 ads are hurled your way… All there to tell you that you are not enough unless you buy what they’ve got. Not on BOOST. 100% commercial-free and listener-supported because of awesome people like you.

BOOST The City

Upbeat, fun, and real. If living for Jesus Christ is exciting, shouldn’t songs and shows about Him be exciting too? In your ears and in your scroll, we’ll be there bringing the hope of Jesus.

BOOST The City

Do you ever feel like you’re the only one in your life following God? We’re here to be alongside you as we ask and talk about the hard life questions that you may face. Talking truth into your life with real, honest conversations.

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BOOST RADIO is powered by friends like you, not by commercials. Every gift of every size helps make BOOST possible.  And, because BOOST is a non-profit organization, your donation is tax deductible.  Whatever your gift, thank you for your partnership with BOOST!

Grab this t-shirt with a gift of $21.00 per month or a one time gift of $250. 

Ever have a question about your gift? Email Donor Relations, or call our office: 314-909-8569.

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With every gift of $250 or more, you will receive a thank you shirt in the mail! Why stop at one? There’s no limit to how many shirts you can grab for you and your family!

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BOOST The City

help boost this city & Bring the hope of christ to 2.2 million people.

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