Boost Nation

Boost Nation


When you volunteer with BOOST you are part of BoostNation! That means you love God, love other people and want to serve with the BOOST team to reach this city for Christ! There are so many ways to serve so tell us a little bit about yourself and we’ll contact you with more information.

Thank you for being on mission with BOOST…and joining BoostNation!

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Serving Opportunities

  • In Office Work: Help answer phones, pack online orders, help stock the BOOST Store mail stickers and other in office tasks
  • Prayer: You will help pray for listeners. Prayers requests received by will be emailed to you to be sure people are prayed for.
  • Pledge Drives: Help in the office during Listener Support Month (April). Open mail, fold and pack t-shirts and help answer phones.
  • Sell merchandise at Concerts & Events
  • Help Load In & Load Out Concert & Events
  • Help with Security at Concerts & Events
  • Help with Ticketing at Concerts & Events
  • Help with Will Call at BOOST Concerts and Events
  • Load­In/Load­Out­ – Assist with unloading and setting up tour’s equipment prior to concert, tearing down and reloading equipment following concert. (Morning and evening shifts)
  • Security­ – Assigned a designated area to watch over during concerts. (Evenings)
  • Ticket Taker­ – Check tickets as people enter concert venue. (Evenings)
  • Usher­ – Show ticket holders to their assigned seats. (Evenings) 
  • Will Call­ – Look up tickets alphabetically and release to ticket purchaser. (Evenings)

Boost Nation

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Boost Stickers

BOOST your ride! Don’t have a ride? BOOST your locker, your laptop…your neighbor’s car? OK, don’t do that! We’ll get some stickers over to you; we just need to know a few things.

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